Jeremy Doyle has been making music in various forms since the 90's. Guitar with Huxley and Screaming Venus followed by periods of travel, laziness and finally to the graveyard of musical ambition....a career in IT.

Boot Palace was conceived in 2018 to pull together some coherent output after all the years shirking musical responsibility. It took eight months of blood, sweat and tears to produce the first set of five songs, the Under Stones EP; this was released in 2019 after scaling a musical and technical learning mountain. The old method of pointing a microphone at three chords and the truth just doesn't cut it anymore!

Jeremy is, first and foremost, a guitarist, so the electric and acoustic guitar form the basis of most tunes, but electronic music is also a big part of the Boot Palace sound. This is often characterised by dense arrangements of drums, synths and guitars with accessible vocal melodies providing a way in. Unusual instrumentation, time signatures and melodies are sprinkled throughout, to add dimension to the rock palette.

2020 saw the release of the single, Dead Branches Fall, a move into darker territory and a more accomplished sound. This was followed up by the Fly, Go, Machine EP, further developing the guitar/electronic Boot Palace signature with improvements in arrangement, production and mixing.

The first full length album release Listeners, in 2022 is a cinematic post-rock tribute to the great dishes, radio telescopes that scour the cosmos. Mostly instrumental, it's a development into a more ambient soundtrack with mainly electronic elements overlaid with guitar textures and melodies.

All Boot Palace recordings are made in Twickenham, West London where Jeremy takes on the roles of songwriter, musician, producer and mixing engineer with other musicians coming in to collaborate as needed. Relishing the huge creative and technical challenges that come with releasing your own music, he also uses his skills to help other musicians with arrangement, production and mixing.

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Thanks to:

Rhiannon Doyle - artwork and backing vocals, Jo Hone - photography, Alessandro Arrigo - artwork for Listeners, Martin Merenyi - Mastering.