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White Walls (Single)

White Walls is some dark electronic rock in the exciting new genre Agoraphobic Noir.

It describes the loneliness of being unable to face the world no matter how hard we try. Stuck indoors? This will be your soundtrack.

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Boot Palace - Listeners album artwork

Listeners (Album)

Listeners is a post-rock, cinematic homage to the huge radio telescopes that scour the cosmos for clues about our existence.

Largely instrumental, sometimes vocal, always stirring. Listeners will be your companion as you wrestle with these great questions, or just as you go about your day.

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Listener (Lovell) (Single)

This is earth, this is the Lovell radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield.
Bernie Lovell sounds like a seventies comedian. He was, in fact, an astronomer of some renown. His love of radar led to the formation of Golden Earring and also to this beautiful monstrosity - the 'big ear' on which the golden earrings hang.

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In the Scattered Disc (Single)

The first track from the forthcoming album Listeners, inspired by a series of Space missions in 2020 and 2021.
The Scattered Disc is a region of space on the outskirts of our solar system populated by icy objects in eccentric orbit - not sure it's had a tune created about it before.....

A strange thing to write about, but the lyrics are earthbound, real life collisions like the asteroids whooshing past your ears. 

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Desolate (Single)

Desolate is a murder ballad set on the south coast of England on a grey November evening. A warped, desolate mind, and a murderous intent, are played out against the backdrop of an equally desolate landscape....

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Fly, Go, Machine (EP)

Fly, Go, Machine is named after the Japanese character for aeroplane. A most descriptive kanji. 

The collection of songs were inspired initially from the rollercoaster theme but then took on a life of their own.

Dead Branches Fall (Single)

A song about the end of life and how the world's population sees each other through the lens of age. The young form a cocoon that grows and sheds, until they realise they have finally become the humans who've watched them blossom.

Under Stones (EP)

The first set of tunes to emerge from the Boot Palace studio. We were listening to a lot of Radiohead, Bon Iver, Shellac and Gram Parsons at the time....not sure if it shows. It's a bit rough, but lovingly so.